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Past events

17 Jul 2024 The 2024 National Analytics & AI Summit
30 Apr 2024 April 2024 Meetup - Staging eLLM Experiments: Tools and Frameworks (OPEN TO AAP & NON-AAP MEMBERS)
29 Nov 2023 Nov. 2023 AAP Meetup - "Shaping Futures: Academia's Blueprint For Tomorrow's Workforce" - Exclusive to AAP Members!
23 Oct 2023 Responsible AI In Practice - Exclusive to AAP Members!
21 Jun 2023 The 2023 National Analytics & Artificial Intelligence Summit
25 Feb 2022 Lead & Lag Measures: Towards Data-Driven Innovation
18 Feb 2022 Rising Together: Lessons from Pintig Lab’s Data Innovation Portfolio for Data-Driven Solutions
12 Feb 2022 Data Analytics Summit 2022: The Rise of Digital Transformation and Financial Technology
11 Feb 2022 The Fourth Industrial Revolution: How Technology Can Spell the Difference
21 Jan 2022 Driving Data-Driven Transformation Programs
25 Aug 2021 Harnessing the Power of Data through Analytics
27 Jul 2021 2021 Analytics Summit PH
9 Dec 2020 Optimizing Big Data in Insurance for Inclusive Health and Finance
26 Nov 2020 November 2020 Meetup: We are SPARTA!
22 Oct 2020 October 2020 Meetup: Analytics Process Methodologies
24 Sep 2020 September 2020 Meetup: Operationalizing Analytics
27 Aug 2020 August 2020 Meetup: Finding the Right Fit for Analytical Models
27 Aug 2020 General Membership Meeting for Q3 (GMM)
23 Jul 2020 July 2020 Meetup: Building Analytics Curricula Using the AAP Professional Maturity Framework
25 Jun 2020 June 2020 Meetup: Data Quality, Data Stewardship & Open Science in Public Health

About the AAP

The Analytics & Artificial Intelligence Association of the Philippines (AAP) is the enabling organization formed to take the lead in driving the growth and evolution of all Analytics-enabled fields, and AI-enabled fields and technologies in the Philippines. We take pride in having the most distinguished and active players in the Analytics and AI field working to elevate the country in its application of Analytics and AI best practices at pace with the 4th Industrial Revolution and for the good of society.

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Whether you’re an individual practitioner, a business, an academic institution, an non-profit organization, a national government agency or a local government unit, we’re eager to hear from you, and to engage in a collaborative conversation!


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