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  • 10 Jan 2024 12:51 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    As we usher in the new year, the Analytics & Artificial Intelligence Association of the Philippines is excited to share a significant development in our ongoing commitment to the responsible use of analytics and artificial intelligence (AAI) in the country. In alignment with our mission to advance the practice of AAI in the Philippines, the AAP, during its year-end members meeting last December 14, announced the formation of the "Council for Responsible Analytics & AI".

    Mr. Dominic Ligot, AAP Founding Member and Trustee, serves as the council's inaugural chair. He is joined by various AAP members dedicated to professional ethics across various fields: Prof. Benito Teehankee, Prof. Peter Sy and Ms. Maricel Calhoun from the academic sector; Mr. Miguelito De Guzman from the AI safety research community; and Ms. Yvonne Lorraine Valencia and Ms. Frances Divina Egango from the private sector.

    Recognizing the dual potential of AAI for positive impact and potential risks, the committee will focus on various programs and activities that will include public statements, policy papers, press articles, seminars, and collaborations with like-minded organizations including government agencies.

    This initiative underscores AAP's proactive approach to ensuring the responsible and ethical use of AAI for societal benefit while mitigating potential risks. We invite all AAP members, as well as the entire analytics and AI community, to actively support and engage with the council as we embark on this significant journey.

    Stay tuned for updates, and let's collectively shape the future of responsible analytics and artificial intelligence in the Philippines!

  • 18 Mar 2021 2:31 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    As part of women’s history month, Dr. Reina Reyes is celebrated in a new book about modern Pinay heroes, "Fearless Filipinas: 12 Women Who Dared to be Different."

    Filipino history has a pantheon of great Filipina leaders, such as Gabriela Silang and Melchora Aquino. In addition to these historical heroes, there are many modern Filipino women who have succeeded spectacularly in their respective fields, broken the glass ceiling, and still strive to give back to their communities.

    These Filipinas deserve to have their stories documented at length, so that other women can gain inspiration from not only what they achieved, but how they overcame the many obstacles that once stood in their way. Such was the spirit behind the new book, "Fearless Filipinas: 12 Women Who Dared to be Different," which features the story of none other than a valuable AAP partner, Dr. Reina Reyes.

    Known of course for confirming Einstein’s theory of relativity, Dr. Reina was one of only twelve women featured in the book, and notably the only astrophysicist. She shared her story beginning as a young child who loved science, all the way up to the present day, where she is not only one of the world’s most accomplished astrophysicists, but a leading science advocate in the Philippines.

    The women featured in Fearless Filipinas span a broad range of fields, including entertainment, sports, academe, arts, business, and more. According to the book’s editorial team, Dr. Reina was chosen to represent science both for her individual accomplishments as well as her advocacy work.

    “I can’t think of a bigger headline than ‘The Filipina who proved Einstein right.’ But what really makes Dr. Reina’s story remarkable is that on top of making ground-breaking contributions to astrophysics, she actively promotes the joy of science to the next generation of leaders in the Philippines,” said Pancho Dizon, the co-author of Fearless Filipinas, which was published by Bookshelf PH, which specializes in in titles in business, education, and other genres.

    Fearless Filipinas was written by Monica Padillo, Pancho Dizon, and Mica Magsanoc; edited by Kyle Nate; and illustrated by Chloe Gaw.

    Fearless Filipinas is slated for the release at the end of March, and is available for pre-order here: [Pre-Order].


    Bookshelf PH aims to promote great Filipino books in fiction and non-fiction. The goal is to produce a rich literature that will contribute to individual empowerment, and in the aggregate, nation-building. At the core of these aspirations is the belief that the surest and simplest path to personal and professional growth is through reading.

  • 4 Mar 2021 5:19 PM | Anonymous

    Full article HERE


    Advocacy group Philippine Business for Education (PBEd) together with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) on Thursday entered into agreements with three industry groups to establish sectoral councils in support of workforce development in the Philippines.

    In an online ceremony, PBEd and DFAT launched the Sector Skills Councils (SSCs) with the Analytics Association of the Philippines; the Semiconductor and Electronics Industries in the Philippines Inc.; and with the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry Human Resources Development Foundation.

    A Future that Works is a two-year initiative funded by DFAT and implemented by PBEd. This initiative is part of PBEd’s broader workforce development agenda, with the goal of making education and training more responsive to the needs of the Philippine economy. The project also forms part of Australia’s support to the Philippines’s COVID-19 economic response. 

  • 1 Mar 2021 6:01 PM | Anonymous

  • 20 Oct 2020 2:20 PM | Anonymous


    Metro Manila, October 20, 2020 -- The Analytics Association of the Philippines, Inc. (AAP) is teaming up with Finland-based Ultrahack as an enabling partner to bring open innovation programs to the Philippines.  The open innovation programs bring together student, startup, and corporate teams to innovate new solutions to real-life business needs. Recent Ultrahack programs range from topics such as data against Covid-19 and farm-to-fork supply chains to circular economy and urban mobility solutions.

    The Analytics Association of the Philippines is the enabling organization formed to take the lead in driving the growth and evolution of Analytics and other Analytics-enabled fields and technologies in the Philippines. AAP members span across business and academe sectors, and AAP partners with the public sector, such as with Project SPARTA which is training 30,000 learners in data science, analytics and related fields through online learning.

    Ultrahack helps companies and organizations innovate and build new digital businesses, by leveraging an end-to-end innovation management model and a global community of 10,000 developers. 

    For AAP Board President Colin Christie, the partnership is an opportunity for the Philippines to tap into the know-how that Ultrahack has developed through its global programs to boost innovation in the Philippines. “We see tremendous synergy between AAP’s mission to build a strong ecosystem for Analytics, and Ultrahack’s community building capabilities focused on innovation and we’re very excited to announce this partnership and to work collaboratively towards running open innovation programs together with our corporate partners,” says Mr. Christie.

    Ultrahack CEO Miikka Nevasalo adds, “We are thrilled to partner up with AAP as we continue to strengthen our market presence in the Philippines. Through this partnership, we seek to address the growing demand for startup-corporate collaboration as a source of innovative solutions in the area of data analytics.”


    Analytics Association of the Philippines, Inc.
    Colin Christie

    Joona Selin

  • 27 Jun 2020 11:49 AM | Anonymous

    On June 25, 2020, the Analytics Association of the Philippines in partnership with the LEADS for Health Security and Resilience Consortium {L4H} held a webinar on the topic of "Data Quality, Data Stewardship & Open Science in Public Health."

    More than the analytical skills and domain expertise, we witnessed their selfless passion and desire to see our country through this current crisis. Thank you to Miko Balisi, Dr. Peter Cayton, Dr. Michael Promentilla, and Dr. Jomar Rabajante. Thank you to DevHealth Management Consulting Services, the UP COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team, and the LEADS for Health Security and Resilience Consortium.

    And thank you to all those who joined us live in our webinar. The questions and insights you posted showed that there's no shortage of genuine care for our country and for our fellow Filipinos.

    The video replay is available on our Facebook page.

    Mabuhay kayong lahat! Mabuhay tayong lahat!

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